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Helping you to achieve your goals


About coaching

As your coaching consultant I will provide guidance, support, and motivation to help you improve aspects of your life. This may include areas such as career, relationships, health and wellness, personal development, and overall life satisfaction.


As your coaching consultant I will lead you through a process to:

  1. clarify areas of change or improvement

  2. set clear measurable goals

  3. analyse current situation

  4. identify and prioritise options

  5. create an action plan

  6. instil motivation and commitment

  7. review and assess progress

How long are sessions?

45-60 minutes, 1 session a week.

20 minute initial meeting

5 or 10 session packages


Coaching sessions can take place via video conferencing, phone or face-to-face at either my premises or a location you find most comfortable.

Which coaching is best for you?

If you are looking for individual support for yourself or others, Personal Coaching is the way to go.

If you are looking for support for you and  your organisation, Professional Coaching is the best option.

What is coaching?

Start with a FREE 20 minute chat to:

  1. Get to know each other

  2. Learn more about the process

  3. Answer any questions.

Book a time

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Blue Skies
It is hard to imagine that in only one week with Shaun as my coach I was able to overcome a debilitating fear I have held onto for 3 years. Shaun’s strengths included in his ability to build fast, trusting rapport and make me feel at ease. He is an outstanding communicator who listened deeply, remembered every word I said, and asked open ended questions that enabled me to be deeply reflective and have greater self-awareness. Shaun has a great sense of humour and knew when a lighter tone was required to move the conversation on. Shaun helped me to articulate my concerns, decide on achievable and timely goals and actions that I could achieve that week.  After serious professional gaslighting in 2019 Shaun helped me to have the courage to apply for professional positions. Not only that, I am now also in a relationship with effective and open communication – all facilitated by Shaun’s coaching and helping me to find belief in myself…and dare I say it, self-acceptance.
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